Lisa M Baird
(941) 204-3317

Highly experienced programmer & full-stack developer, proficient in developing dynamic websites using PHP/MySQL, JavaScript and WordPress. Expert at designing responsive websites that are ADA Compliant and SEO optimized as a team leader, member or individual while meeting timelines and goals. Skilled in numerous programming languages, tools and methodologies.


Kaplan University, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Magna Cum Laude. View Diploma Here

Programming Languages

10+ years experience with: OOP PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, C/C++, Visual Basic, Action Script, HTML, CSS (Flex, grid, Bootstrap), WordPress, jQuery, AJAX, Database structures and normalization, HTML, CSS3

Skilled at building efficient, testable, and reusable PHP modules to solve complex problems and challenges

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Manage & built over 80 websites with advanced security and redundant, cloud-based backups. Customized by adding PHP and WebHooks to a child theme or creating a plugin.  Expert in UX, responsive design, ADA Compliance, SEO.

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Skilled at  providing programmatic, technical leadership. Skills include organization, identifying, formulating, designing, and/or testing practical solutions to problems and guiding the development of modern complex systems. Skilled at working with all age groups and providing training.

Software & Tools

10+ Years Experience with: WordPress, PHP MyAdmin, WHM, Terminal, cPanel, Git & GitHub, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, FileZilla, Adobe DC, Microsoft Products, Google Products, Apache

1-2 Years Experience with: Visual Studio Code, Slack, AI (chatgpt, Perplexity, Bard,, fotor)

Project Management

Educated on: Waterfall and Agile (using SCRUM), and MVC. Agile is used in all projects.

Experience scoping requirements, project sizing estimates, and domain modeling on scalable applications.

Frameworks & Libraries

1+ Years Experience: Laravel, Symphony, Joomla

Soft Skills

Superior written & verbal communication skills, excellent team manager capable of working fluidly with all age and skill levels in cross-functional teams. Excellent time-management skills, consistently meeting deadlines and goals.

Citizenship, Volunteer

  • Charlotte School Foundation Board Treasurer
  • Charlotte Soil & Water Conservation District Board Supervisor
  • Boy Scouts of America (14+ years)


There are around 80 websites listed here, make sure you scroll down.

PHP/MySQL Javascript Websites

MarketingArm.Info – Built from scratch using plain PHP/MySQL, Javascript and JSON.

System for tracking product data for a multi-national company.  Products are assigned a country and visibility is limited based on user permissions. The system tracks expiration dates for import/export certificates and allows several documents for each product to be uploaded and replaced as needed.

Login Page

Page for salesman and field works (written in Spanish.) Based on their profile, they get access product data for only their country

When the category is clicked the user is taken to the page that shows only that category of product and only the country the user has access to.

When an admin logins, the admin is taken to their “home” country page. A drop-down allows admin to switch to the products of a different country.

When adding / editing products, the product options changed on the selections.  Plaguicidas, has an additional Clase field. Each Tipo de Formulacion has different sized units that can be chosen.

Plaguicidas, has an additional Clase field. Each Tipo de Formulacion has different sized units that can be chosen.

Document Upload Section

Product tracking and ordering system for mulit-national export company. Built using PHP, MySQl with javascript.  Rebuilt in 2022 to use new PHP version 8 and modularized for quick updates.

Screenshots below, actual system is proprietary and requires a login

Ordering system.  A proforma is created and tracked. Once the proforma is approved by the customer, the system moves to the WorkOrder stage. The workorder tracks production and labels. Once the products are marked as produced, the system moves to the Pallet Shipping stage.  At the pallet stage, the items added to pallets.  Multilpe pallets can be used, each product can be spread across multiple pallets and products out of stock can be backordered to a later shipment. Once complete, the system moves on to the Packing List where weights are confirmed and extra information for import/export customs is added. Once the pallet is completed, the invoice is created. Once customer receives the product, the accountant records the order and permanently closes the order.

Login screen, hash password protected, includes a method to reset the password.

List of products; currently the system has over 1,700 products. List is sortable, filterable and searchable.

List of Orders. Filterable, sortable and searchable. Also shows current status of each order.

WordPress e-Commerce & customized websites.

All websites are built with Divi by Elegant themes unless otherwise noted.

Gulf Contours

Included a complex cabinet ordering system for cabinet building companies.  Customers would input desired cabinet and drawer styles and sizes and the system would calculate the price based on selected criteria. Custom PHP code was used to show/hide parts of the page based on the user’s permissions.

  • Customers can register online and the customer dashboard is created automatically
  • Customers can create an  order online; prices are automatically created
  • Admin can review and adjust the order. Once the order is approved by admin,they approve the order. The approval sends and email to the customer
  • Customer reviews changes and submits final approval
  • An export is sent to admin. Admin imports this export into an Excel File
  • Customized Excel file with VBA creates the invoice form and export the required data in the correct format to the CNC machine software.

Unfortunately, Gulf Contours was destroyed by hurricane Ian and is no longer in business. You can view the sample site at:



MLS integration with Diverse Solutions. Highly customized search forms were created to enhance the user experience.


Uses Stripe to receive payments and Zapier to integrate online register, donate & sponsor forms with CRM for non-profits.

Bloomerang’s system does not support receiving donation, sponsorships and registrations on the same form or page. This custom integration allows the creation of fully customized forms while still using the Bloomerang program.


Rebuild of an deprecated website.  Customized to allow the user to easily and quickly create “completed transactions” cards. CSS is used to automatically fit all images and text.


Members Only section let guests communicate in a social media type blog, including listing units for rent or sale. Guests can also view reservations for amenities and watch the pool camera. Includes a newsletter application.


Includes a member’s only area for directors with access to downloadable documents. Documents are protected to prevent search engine indexing and unauthorized downloads.

Includes a simple method for transferring a Director’s account to the new director. Each Yacht Club listing contains a section visible to the public and visible to member’s only; custom coded with PHP.


Includes hidden text for screen readers. 
ADA Compliant


Customers can fill-out and sign their patient intake form. A consent is required for each visit and customers can fill out & sign the consent form.  Appropriate data deletion procedures were implemented to protect customer data.


Screenshot of the CCCDD.Org Website

Includes hidden text for screen readers. 
ADA Compliant



Includes hidden text for screen readers. 
ADA Compliant


Includes responsive tables for displaying tabular data.  Member’s only section allows for viewing documents stored on AWS. Access is determined by the users membership which renews automatically unless canceled.


Event management system was streamlined so a post is created for the event. That event info, if featured, is added to the home page.  All events are added to the event page. Custom CSS is used to enforce a different layout for each page.


Includes integration with their campground reservation system.


WooCommerce website uses custom classes to quickly mark products as unavailable when inventory runs out.


Includes a members only section and lots available for rent or sale. The lots available is easily managed by the customer.


Screenshot of Aldito Air Website

Advanced product finder and customized search results using WooCommerce template parts


Includes a members only section for downloading MSDS sheets. This multi-national company sells products around the world and users are restricted to seeing products available in their region ONLY.  Customers may be in more than one region.

WordPress Websites

All of the following websites were built by me with WordPress on an Apache using cPanel. The WordPress framework was installed using installatron. Unless otherwise specified, the theme used is Divi by ElegantThemes. A custom functions.php, written in PHP adds a script to generate meta and og tags using the website’s content or custom fields, if specified.








Due to COVID, club is no longer performing. Built with Elementor.



Screen shot of the Cats n Dogs website


Screenshot: Educare Child Center website














Not built with Divi


















Home page of Howell Law Firm














Plain Vanilla HTML / CSS with Javascript and/or PHP